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Raman Agarwal, author of Crochet: The Gordian World of Tahir Khan

Dagny has been more than an editor for me. She has been a friend and a mentor. I knew little about the editing world when I reached out to her. My manuscript was still in the developmental phase, my thoughts were unstructured, and my story lacked a clear direction. Dagny helped me crochet my thoughts and tied the loose ends into a beautiful book, which I proudly call my debut novel.
There were times when I would call her just to rant about various topics. She would always make herself available to listen to me blabber and calmly guide me. Sometimes, I would text her to share a new metaphor or a symbol to be added to the MS, and she always responded promptly, resonating my excitement. I felt Dagny invested in my story, and she genuinely cared about my characters.
Her support extended beyond editing. Dagny stayed by my side through various phases—from developing the story and characters, to helping me maneuver the publishing process. I could count on her like family.
Thank you, Dagny!
I can’t wait to start my next project with you!

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Piyush RohankarPiyush Rohankar, author of A Pleasant Escape and The Lost Treasure of Azad Hind Fauj

Working with Dagny was an enriching experience. She knows what is best for your manuscript and gets the hang of the project very quickly. The insight she gives is very valuable in shaping your work in a way that is delightful to read. She is creative, flexible in her approach to work, understanding and most importantly patient. Her work ethic and honesty are immaculate. She follows her timeline to the letter. I gained immensely from her wisdom and experience and hope many of you reading this will do the same. Thank you, Ma’am, for your guidance!

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Ashim BasnetAshim Basnet, author of The Eyes

I entered into the editing agreement with Dagny without actually personally knowing her simply on the basis of information available on the net. I was a bit apprehensive and unsure. I ended up surprised and the final manuscript is much beyond my expectation. She is extremely professional, highly knowledgeable in her craft, and friendly, not to mention that she actually cares about your writing. She cares not only about your manuscript but your skills as an author too and will push you to be a better writer. I have every intention of working with her in the future, and without a doubt, I would highly recommend her to every writer I know.

Dagny’s Note: Ashim is one of those enlightened souls who don’t need to scramble on social media to get to places. As I told him. I envy him. There is an author website coming soon though.

Renuka NairRenuka Nair, author of The Nights Are Alive

Dagny is ‘The Editor’ any aspiring novelist should approach if they want proper and mature guidance.

Dagny has a knack for understanding the reason behind the crudest and badly written novel or novella. Her mature encouragement and patience makes you want to work harder to improve on your writing skills, and dig deeper into your subconscious to deliver your attempt at excellence.

There are thousands of glamorous editors with testimonials from award-winning writers in cyberspace. Such editors or ‘writing coaches’ as they call themselves will only bleed you of your hard-earned money, or they may take some money from you initially to read what you have written, only to dismiss you when they can’t understand why you want to write what you want because your writing doesn’t adhere to their norms.

If you want genuine guidance for the story you want to tell the world then you should trust Dagny, as she doesn’t piggyback on a gifted writer’s success to prove her mettle as a successful editor. She guides writers who don’t have a knack for writing but have a story to tell, on how to improve their writing so that the world will enjoy, and at times learn and relate to their experiences.

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Zoe M., author of Call Me Saaya and Here Comes Trouble

My editor Dagny has helped me in more ways than one.

I’m a voracious reader and had always nurtured a dream of publishing my own book someday. Dagny has helped me turn that dream into reality. Without her help and guidance, it would have been practically impossible.

She has enabled me to understand the technicalities of novel writing, of putting my thoughts into words. As a professional, she is thorough and exacting in conveying what the book needs. She excels at putting an author’s thoughts into easily understood words without any change in the storyline.

She is fun to work with. She is easily accessible on mail and phone and highly passionate about her work. She is a down-to-earth lady and her integrity is unquestionable. She pushes without being aggressive or assertive. I highly recommend her to both budding and professional authors. I think we all need to work with someone who believes in our story and in our need to tell it in our own way.

If you’re looking for an editor who promises to deliver and whom you can trust wholeheartedly then I strongly recommend Dagny

Sahya Samson, author of Unexpected Light

I worked with Dagny on my short story collection and am very pleased with the result. I was especially grateful for her attention to detail and clear, honest feedback throughout the editing process. I grew and learned so much from working with her. As an author, after your first draft is created, you look for the right person who will handle your written work with care. Dagny is such a person you can fully trust with your manuscript!

T. Sathish, author of Life in the Sunshine

I must first thank you for a very professional job done with my book. You were on time with your deliverables.

You went out of your way to provide some ideas to improve the humour quotient of the book, though you were not contracted for that. 

Your editing work was thorough and detailed. I am very happy to have worked with you.

Hope to work with you in the future as well.

Biju James, author of Dead Air

I was very happy to work with Dagny on my manuscript. She is very approachable in providing regular feedback. The insights provided made a huge difference in my work. 
As a writer, it is vital to have someone tell you where the story is going haywire, where the language is in dire need of improvement, or if the character arcs are not making sense. Plus in a thriller. The narrative has to be tight. Dagny provided the crucial pointers and helped with polishing my manuscript.
I am indeed grateful for all the effort on her part. And I look forward to working with her in the future.