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Hello there!

Looks like you’ve written a book—or are almost done writing one!

Congratulation! You have joined a select club of those rare people who follow through on their promises to themselves! You’ve given bones, flesh and raiment to your story. That is cause for celebration!

Now that the hard work of writing the book is done, we can go to the next step. Let me ask you a few questions.

Editing Services

Have you:

…received feedback from friends who love to read but haven’t given you the kind of feedback you can trust? Do you desperately want a pair of unbiased, expert eyes to go through your work and give you some specific feedback that you can act on?

…finished writing your book but aren’t too confident of it? You feel parts of it need to be polished but don’t know which parts–or how to go about it. You can neither go forward nor sit over it anymore.

…read reams of excellent articles and mountains of books to help you spot the weak sections in your work but you’ve still not able to find them.

…convinced yourself that only your loving family can find merit in your book and the rest of the would be spectacularly underwhelmed with it?

…been looking for someone to give you the proverbial green flag so you can take the next step to get published?

Editing Service

What if you had someone to…

…Give you specific pointers on how to make your work read better.

…Tell you which parts need to be kept intact, which ones need polishing (and which polish would work best) and which ones ought to be thrown out of the window.

…Give you the clarity, tools and resources so that when you sit down to write, you do so from a state of deep FLOW and joy.

Editing Services

When you opt for my editing services, what do you get?

 Manuscript Evaluation:

(Also called Substantive/Content/Structural Editing or Developmental Editing depending on whether your first draft is ready or not, respectively.)

  1. A ‘big picture’ analysis of your manuscript. As the creator, you were probably too focused on each tree to see the forest. Professional eyes are accustomed to zeroing-in on the forest. They can see the composite picture.

  1. You will know which parts of your manuscript are working and ought to be kept intact, which need to be tweaked a little and which need a total overhaul. Just as a sculptor’s job is to chip away the extra stone to reveal the figure hidden in the block, so also must excellent writing be brought front and forward to make your prose a delight to read.

  2. A marked-up copy of your manuscript with detailed comments on what is not working in a particular scene and what your alternatives are. Oftentimes, I would rewrite a section in the comments to replace the parts you have written. You may are may not use the suggested rewrite.

  3. An editorial report summarizing all the issues found with the work. At times I also include a reading list to show you how another author has handled a particular challenge. I have found this device particularly effective.

  4. The attention and empathy of your editor. As you rewire and rework parts of your manuscript, I will be available for a discussion either on email or on the phone.

  5. The best by-product of this analysis, evaluation and feedback is that you gain skill and confidence as a writer. From my own journey as a writer, I know how important it is for an expert to go through your work and tell you what is good about it and what needs tightening.

  6. Once you send me the revamped manuscript, I would read it again to see in everything is in place. If it is, the next stage can begin.

Manuscript Evaluation

Line Editing:

 Line editing is where the flow and sense receive particular attention. It involves checking each sentence and paragraph to ensure lucidity and fluency.  At the end of this stage:  

  1. Your manuscript will have become leaner and tighter.

    It is a natural tendency of writers to polish their phrases lovingly when they write. I’ve done it too. They (we) are often verbose. We use fifteen words where five would have sufficed.

  2. Your manuscript will read sharper making sure that the reader stays on the page and immerse themselves in the story’s world. This is because there are no digressions and irrelevant detours to distract her.

  3. Your manuscript will amp up the reader’s delight because your narrative will be clear, fluid and in sync with your writing style.

  4. Should your manuscript need it, this is the stage when it will get a vocabulary upgrade to ensure that the right atmosphere is created in a reader’s mind, and correct word choice conveys the precise nuance you meant to convey.

Line Editing

Copy Editing:

Copyediting is the stage where spelling, grammar, and punctuation are attended to. After this stage:

  1. Your manuscript will have consistent grammar, spelling and usage. Spellings of proper nouns and locations will be identical throughout.

  2. The book’s timeline and plot progression will be studied and corrected.

  3. The use of idioms (including the use of tired clichés and idioms) will be straightened out.

  4. I will attend to things like dialogue treatment, how numbers are rendered, how capitalization and hyphenation are handled and other such issues.

  5. Your manuscript will finally transition from an amateur production to a professional one.

The Result:

You have a manuscript whose beauty, flow and richness make you love it even more than you did before. That’s the whole point, right?

This is totally for me! How much does it cost?

To get a quote, please send me three chapters (or 3000 words) from your manuscript. I will sample edit a thousand (1000) words of it and send it back to you. If you like the work and find my feedback relevant, I will send you my quote with deliveries and timelines spelt out.


How do I know this is for me?

This is for you, if:

  • You have a finished draft and you want help in polishing it to a fine glow before submitting it for publication.

  • You have a wonderful story idea but after writing it down, you’re not sure if your stunning idea has come through in the story or if you have ended up scuffing up its brilliant sheen.

  • You understand that investing in professional feedback is the key to becoming a better writer.

  • You welcome feedback and know that your editor is only trying to serve your own interests by helping you craft a better book and not criticizing you in an attempt to put you down or offend you.

Line Editing

Here is a reminder of what you get when you hire me as your editor:

  1. A ‘big picture’ analysis of your manuscript ensuring all elements meld together and create a cohesive narrative that flows.

  2. You will know which parts of your manuscript are not working.

  3. A marked-up copy of your manuscript with detailed comments.

  4. An editorial report summarizing all the issues found with the work.

  5. A sounding-board and a hands-on editor who will be available for a discussion either on email or on the phone.

  6. Increased skill and confidence as a writer.

  7. Spectacular, sharp writing that lets the reader focus on your story or ideas rather than labyrinthine sentences that confuse rather than illuminate.

  8. A manuscript in which there are no superfluous words and each idea is lucidly presented.

  9. A manuscript with consistent grammar, spellings and language usage.

  10. A manuscript that will look and read professional produced and be the best it could have been.

My Work Ethics:

Before you decide to work with me (or not), here’s a word about my work-ethics. It is unusual for professionals to wear their ethics on their sleeve. For me, it is essential that I do so. 

Integrity, accountability, timeliness, quality and commitment are not just words to me. I live them every day. The extra-mile is not just a term to impress clients, it is lived and demonstrated. Quality work is the norm, not the exception. I don’t mislead or make tall claims. I mean what I say and say only what I mean.

For a FREE Sample Edit:

If you’d like to see a sample of my work, you can email me the first three chapters of your MS at dagny@dagnysol.com.  I would send across a few edited pages. You can then decide if I would be a good fit for your project. Before you write to me, you might like to check out some of the glowing testimonials my authors have given me.


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