If you are new to Short Story Writing, I envy you!

No, really! I do!

I haven’t yet forgotten my own hesitant steps into that limpid pool. The internet wasn’t as robust those days, nor were its resources so plentiful. After rummaging around for guidance and drawing a blank, I decided to go ahead and write a story.

What’s the worse that can happen, I asked myself. Plenty, it seems. Wooden, puerile and downright infantile. I can’t imagine what I was doing. Even the rocks in my head could have written a better story.

On an aside, this reminds me of my initial foray in learning to code. My instructor all but twisted my neck for me, so confused and illogical my BASIC programs were!

From there I went on to developing a pretty decent ERP all by myself with a DBMS called Foxpro, no less! If you are familiar with any of these terms, please write to me. We shall pick the gowans fine while we lament over the godawful tools available in those days. 🙂

But I digress, as always.

From a story I have buried ten-feet under, after wrapping it in a truckload of salt, I am now at a place where I can wax eloquent about short stories and teach you how to write a few amazing ones. Unbelievable? But so it is.

Even if you haven’t ever written a story and have been told categorically—by your loved ones, who else?—never to attempt it either!

Now, that’s an idea to put a few noses out of joint, eh?

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