Human beings have been spinning tales ever since they became a community, even before formal language was developed.

The most popular story format is the love story. Over the millennia, one would assume, all the love stories have already been told, right?

Well, yes and no.

Even though all love stories have been told, new love stories are still being written. What could possibly be ‘new’ about them, though?

The new is the author’s unique voice, perspective, or world-view with which they write their story. Even when it is the same old story, it is different when different people write it.

Each person has a different way of understanding and experiencing the world. Things you may notice, I may not. Things that impact me may not be of any importance to you.

This distinctive world-view makes us give a matchless spin to any event, fictional or not. This is our ‘voice’, the thing that makes us authentically US.

Writing a story in your own style makes it unmistakably yours. As a writing coach specializing in fiction writing, I’ve helped many navigate this journey, transforming whispers into roars. Today, let me share my top tips to help you craft a narrative that’s as authentic as your fingerprint.

  1. Listen to the Masters (But Don’t Mimic Them)

Imagine sitting down for tea with the likes of Virginia Woolf or chuckling over a pint with Mark Twain. Their voices are distinct, unforgettable. They teach us the power of individuality in writing. Listen to them, learn from them, but don’t wear their coats. Your writing should fit you snugly, reflecting your unique perspective and style.

  1. Write Unapologetically

Writing is not the time for politeness—or political correctness. It’s the moment to unleash your inner thoughts, wild and untamed. Think of Emily Dickinson—her recluse nature didn’t stop her pen from screaming on paper. Your voice emerges when you write with authenticity, unapologetically. So, spill your literary guts. The editing phase will thank you later.

  1. Embrace Your Quirks

Every writer has a quirk. Dickens had his elaborate character names and intricate plots; Hemingway, his terse, punchy sentences. What’s yours? Embrace it. If you love adjectives, create a lush, vivid world. If dialogue is your forte, let your characters do the talking. Your quirks are your signature.

  1. Read. Then Read Some More

To find your voice, listen to others. Diverse reading expands your narrative palette, offering new syntactic flavors and thematic ideas. It’s like being a chef; taste everything, then create your signature dish. Remember, every book you read plants seeds for your unique voice to grow.

  1. Write with Your Ear

Tune into the rhythm of your words. All of have our pet words and phrases we use often. Just as Aaron Sorkin’s screenplays have a distinctive cadence, your writing should carry a beat that dances to the tune of your narrative soul. Read aloud. If you stumble, your reader will too. Let the music of your words guide the flow.

  1. The Power of Vulnerability

Hemingway said, “Writing is easy. You just sit at the typewriter and bleed.” Your most powerful tool is vulnerability. Share your fears, loves, and losses. When you open your heart, your authentic voice flows through, connecting with readers on a profound level.

  1. The Write-and-Walk Away Technique

Sometimes, the best way to find your voice is to stop looking for it. Write, then walk away. Let your words simmer. With time, the essence of your voice will rise to the surface, much like cream to milk. Patience, dear writer, is part of the craft.

  1. Feedback Is Your Friend

A writing coach or a trusted reader can be a mirror to your voice. They help you see the brilliance and the blemishes. Listen, reflect, and refine. Feedback isn’t about changing your voice; it’s about amplifying it.

  1. The Revision Ritual

Your first draft is your voice in raw form. Through revision, you sculpt it, enhance its beauty, and refine its power. Don’t fear this stage; embrace it as the path to clarity and impact.

  1. Celebrate Your Unique Literary Flavor

Finally, celebrate your voice. Like a fine wine, it’s yours to savor and share. Your unique blend of experiences, imagination, and expression is a gift to the literary world. Uncork it with pride.

Finding your voice is a journey of exploration and courage. It’s about digging deep and daring to be different. Remember, the world doesn’t need another copy. It needs you, your stories, your voice.

As you venture forth, keep these tips as your compass. And if you ever feel lost, remember, every great writer was once where you are now—standing at the edge of their voice, ready to leap.

Ready to find and refine your voice? Our personalized coaching sessions are designed to unearth the storyteller within you. Whether you’re wrestling with your first draft or polishing your masterpiece, let’s craft your voice together. Reach out today, and let’s turn your whispers into roars.