I am not just an Editor, I also offer Writing Courses to help you polish your writing skills.

Truth be told, I enjoy the Coaching side of my work most thoroughly. I have over thirty-five years of coaching experience, teaching myriad skills. Modesty aside, my students have told me that I am an excellent teacher/coach.

Currently, I have three categories of writing courses and workshops available.

Manuscript Editing


Short Story Writing Workshops: These courses and workshops are of different durations.

 Week-long to single day, there are many ways to get started with writing short-stories. The longer the course, the more polished your output… naturally!


Book Coaching/ Novel Writing: If you have already begun writing your book/novel and feel stuck, a Book Coaching program might be the best fit for you. It will also be a suitable program if you have not yet begun the writing process and need some hand-holding—to bounce ideas off of me, to guide you if you need it, to hold you accountable. Or all these—and more!



NaNoWriMo: Guided Preparation Sessions: These sessions will be conducted every year in October. From the 1st of October to the 31st, we will get together every Tuesday and Friday to discuss and prepare for the National Novel Writing Month held in November.


This list is not yet complete—and might never be. I will add more courses as they are launched!

New additions will be announced in my newsletter. Do consider subscribing!