I think we may take it as a given that you have visited this page because you have written—or are in the process of writing—a potential magnum opus. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. One day you are a normal human and the next you have this story desperate to climb out of you! On this page, we know how that feels. We do!

Whichever stage of writing you are at, if you are looking for assistance to polish the work before you share it with the world, you’re at the right place. 

I am not going to deliver a sales pitch. I will just let my work speak for me. Let me guide you to a few testimonials from clients, voluntarily given. The voluntary bit needed to be highlighted, I feel. 

While I did ask them if they would like to share how the experience of working with me was, there has strictly been no arm-twisting or lighted-candles-between-the-toes syndrome. I disapprove of such methods. They are too exhausting, apart from the other thing.


Sandeep AdnaniSandeep Adnani, author of The Exiled Rogue Series, a trilogy.

Dagny made an impression right from the word go. A lot of editors make tall claims about reverting in an agreed time frame, she always stuck to her word.

Her sample edit told me all I needed to know and we signed an editing contract. All deadlines were clearly mentioned and both parties were protected by it.

The editing process started and she continued her honest approach. She questioned anything that seemed odd or out of sync and sought clarification when required. Most importantly, she was invested in the story, not merely moving words and punctuations on a document.

The shape, flow and detail that my manuscript had at the end was such a source of delight to me as an author, because I knew it had been in good hands. The editing stages were full of learning and honing my own skills as a writer, as she tried to get the best of me and my thoughts on the page.

I highly recommend her as an editor with sound skill and knowledge of what is required, what works for a reader and how to help the writer present his thoughts well. 

I finished my manuscript on time for publication and got valuable feedback on other elements of the novel as well. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Thanks, Dagny!

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Sona DamaniaSona Damania, author of The Peacock Feather

My experience with Dagny was a treat, not only literary but also in a special way that one connects to another human being. Her literary expertise helped shape my draft into a manuscript that was professional and well-edited. She seasoned the language with her stellar acumen, polished it and sharpened the prose. She added value in more ways than one. She isn’t easy when it comes to pushing you to deliver and her intent to make your manuscript the best version of itself will tap your writing potential as it did mine. She understands your story and your need to narrate it, she is honest and forthcoming with her responses and she works hard with you guiding and directing your expression of thought into words. I think that for any professional to be adept and masterful in their craft, they need have a mind that is mature and experienced and it is this genius that Dagny brings to the table when she uses her talent, one that makes her an artist of the language. 

She is a wonderful editor and someone you will enjoy working with, Thanks Dagny!

Roshan ShettyRoshan Shetty, author of Shift Left

Right from the time we shook hands to work together, Dagny questioned me on the concepts I have written in my self-help manuscript. She ensured the writing was backed by solid evidence rather than my own theories. Her insistence on the choice of words to make the book comprehensible and yet in-depth bought a new dimension to the book. At the start of signing up with an editor, I was clear about not toning down my voice as often happens with writers. Dagny’s method of work ensured both points were taken care of 1. wide appeal 2. keeping the writer’s narrative intact. In the end, so much changed in the script and yet nothing changed!

She took a keen interest in understanding the concepts mentioned in the book. She constantly offered me a reader’s perspective to deep dive into aspects that might have been missed out and areas that I need to work on to create a higher recall for critical points in the text. 

Apart from her professional approach, Dagny was also in constant touch with me in understanding my domain of thought and concept creation. This she did proactively which helped me strike a chord with her and to look up to her as a mentor and friend in my aspiration towards writing as a career.

I cannot thank her enough and wish her all the very best in her endeavours!

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You have to agree, with such testimonials—and there are more—having me as your companion on your writing journey does sound appealing, doesn’t it?

Now that you are convinced you’re at the right place, how may I serve you?