Join My Guided Prep Sessions for NaNoWriMo 2023!

About NaNoWriMo:

NaNoWriMo is the writer’s annual marathon. You are supposed to write a fifty thousand word novel in the month of November. Over the years, it became a National, then an international, movement. It is just a bunch of writers scribbling away like mad—and cheering each other as the heat builds up. And it will!

In the six (plus a bonus week) weeks of our engagement, I will help you create a blueprint for your book. Story idea, setting, characterization, conflict/climax and resolution… We will work on everything and put it in place during the six (plus a bonus week) weeks of our engagement.. When 1st of November rolls around, you will just need to flesh out the skeleton you have created. Only flesh, mind. 

The fine carving and polishing will happen after NaNoWriMo is done with. The sole aim of this sprint is to get the first draft ready. As every author knows, the first draft is usually trash–and often bears little resemblance to the published book. Be prepared for it. Desist from polishing each sentence as it comes!


Spread worldwide, it began small—as all mighty things do. Over the years, the trickle has turned into a deluge.

Starting 1st of November, many writers roll up their sleeves and jump into the challenge.

What makes it so incredible is that you are the one challenging yourself. No one is monitoring you. If you take short-cuts, no one is going to question you—and no one will know. Except you.

It resembles walking on fire. No matter what the outcome, you emerge a better version of yourself.

I look upon the 50k-words-in-30days part as the side-dish to the main menu—which is learning the manner of human you are. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it, like all else in life.

If you complete it, you get no tangible reward; if you don’t, you attract no penalty. But can you imagine how you will feel if you DO finish writing a fifty-thousand-word novel in 30-days!? Whoa!!

That elation is the reason for the popularity of this challenge. You’re not doing it for others, but for yourself. No one’s testing you, you’re testing yourself. For you are the only critic you find toughest to please.

You don’t need to come with a story idea—we’ll dig one out of you soon enough. If you’re convinced you have that novel buried in you somewhere and you’d like someone’s help to dig it out, look no further!

Conquer NaNoWriMo 2023!

How will these sessions help? Here’s how:

✔️ I will help you identify a compelling story idea and put down a solid outline for it. This end goal will help keep you on track. You will be far less likely to go down some rabbit-hole and emerge after twenty years, like Rip Van Winkle. Because for sure, NaNoWriMo2023 will be long gone by then—and half your life, besides.

✔️ There’s nothing as inspiring as knowing there others who are pulling their hair out in picturesque handfuls, not just you. One wants company in misery—joy one can handle alone.

✔️ Your fellow writers will be your sounding boards—as you will be theirs. If your peer group looks forward to read your output, you’ve got a winner on your hands, don’t you agree? Get constructive feedback from fellow writers and tips on how to revise and polish your storyline.

✔️Create a writing schedule to maintain a comfortable pace and avoid getting overwhelmed during #NaNoWriMo.

✔️I will help you overcome writing challenges such as plot holes, character development, and pacing.

✔️Join a virtual party in November to celebrate your NaNoWriMo victory with other successful writers! Nothing perks one up more than a patting oneself between the shoulder blades, feeling smug.

The sessions will begin on Tuesday, 12th Sept, 2023. You will need to register, of course. There will be some investment involved—time, ego… and a few drops of gold.

With planning, everything is a breeze. The overwhelm is out and the joy is in. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Come, see for yourself!

There’s an early-bird pricing offer until Friday 8th Sept 2023.

Let’s make NaNoWriMo 2023 a landmark year in your writing journey!

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