Many visionaries, thought leaders, and individuals with unique stories don’t have the time or expertise to pen their thoughts into a compelling book. That’s where I come in.

My name is Dagny. I specialize in transforming your ideas and life experiences into well-crafted manuscripts that captivate readers and resonate with audiences. My primary service, ghostwriting, is complemented by author coaching and developmental editing, creating a full suite of services tailored to support you at every stage of your writing journey.


Ghostwriting: Your Story, Your Voice, My Pen

A ghostwriter is well-versed in all aspects of book-writing. Whether it is stories or memoirs/ non-fiction books which showcase somebody’s expertise, they know how to create a book that is gripping.

The ghostwriter will write the book on behalf of a client. The client will share the ideas they want presented in the book and the scribe/ghostwriter will figure out the best way to frame that idea.

The client will then get the book published in their own name… because after all the ideas are theirs. It is similar to asking someone to write your exam for you when you have an injured arm. Your voice, my pen.

All right to the book will belong to the client and the ghostwriter will never claim any credit/mention in the work.

As a professional ghostwriter, I understand the importance of authenticity and discretion in book creation. Whether it’s a dynamic self-help guide, a transformative business book, or a deeply personal memoir, I work closely with you to ensure that your voice is heard clearly through the pages. My process involves a thorough understanding of your vision, goals, and the message you wish to convey. Here’s what I offer:

– Personalized Collaboration: Before a single word is written, I engage with you to outline the project’s scope. Through initial consultations, I grasp your story’s essence and your desired outcome.

– Strategic Structuring: I create a detailed outline and chapter breakdown, ensuring a logical flow and a compelling narrative structure. This roadmap is crucial for crafting content that truly represents your thoughts and intentions.

– Dedicated Writing: With the roadmap in place, I write diligently, delivering content that speaks in your voice. My commitment is to mirror your style while infusing the text with creativity and clarity that perhaps only a seasoned writer can provide.

– Feedback Integration: I value your input and encourage feedback on the drafts. This iterative process ensures the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

The end result? A book that not only bears your name but also your spirit, without requiring you to spend countless hours writing it yourself.

Author Coaching

 Author Coaching: Guiding You Along Your Writing Path

For those who wish to take a more hands-on approach to their writing, I offer author coaching. This service is perfect for aspiring writers who need guidance on turning their ideas into a complete, polished book. Here’s what my coaching can help you achieve:

– Idea Development: I help you refine your book concept and solidify your book’s purpose and target audience.

– Skill Enhancement: From developing your voice to mastering narrative techniques, I provide personalized feedback and practical writing tips that improve your writing skills.

– Motivational Support: Writing can be a solitary and challenging endeavor. I serve as your cheerleader and advisor, keeping you motivated through the ups and downs of the writing process.

With author coaching, you maintain creative control while benefiting from expert advice to enhance your writing prowess and confidence.

Developmental Editing

Editing Service: Perfecting Your Manuscript

Developmental editing is crucial for authors who have completed a draft but need help taking their manuscript to the next level. This service focuses on improving the structure, content, and style of your manuscript. Here’s how I can help:

– Comprehensive Assessment: I evaluate your manuscript’s overall structure, pacing, and strength of content, providing detailed feedback on areas that need enhancement.

– Content Refinement: Whether it’s strengthening the arguments in a non-fiction book or enhancing the plot and character development in a novel, I help refine your draft into a coherent and engaging narrative.

– Constructive Feedback: I provide constructive critique and suggestions that respect your artistic vision while aiming to enhance the readability and impact of your book.

Developmental editing ensures that your book is not just completed but is polished, coherent, and ready to make a mark on its readers.

Why Choose Me?

With years of experience in the literary world, I bring a unique blend of empathy, creativity, and editorial acumen to each project. My approach is always personalized, ensuring that every client feels their story is being told true to their vision. Completed projects like a life journey book and a memoir of resilience highlight my ability to handle diverse topics with sensitivity and skill.

Are you ready to tell your story without the daunting task of writing it yourself? Or perhaps you’re seeking guidance on your path to becoming a self-authored writer? Maybe your manuscript just needs that final polish to make it shine. Whatever stage you’re at, I am here to help.

Connect with me today, and let’s begin crafting your legacy, one word at a time.